About Lorenzo

Quick Bragging Bio

Lorenzo currently is the head of the real estate investment company SideWalk Realty. He handles the acquisition and renovation of residential and multifamily properties.

Lorenzo is the first to introduce auto consignment platform in the Charlotte, NC area through his dealership Power Auto Link.

Lorenzo is an entrepreneur coach, admired speaker and author of The Entrepreneurial Mind: The Three R’s of the 21st Century for entrepreneurs and educators.

He served as a consultant and speaker for Carpe Diem Coaching, an entrepreneur coaching company based in Charlotte, NC.

Also was co-founder and managing director for Sublime Savings, a small commercial real estate finance company based in Charlotte, NC.

Prior to that Lorenzo was co-founder of Optimized Tools, a software company that significantly impacted the finance industry by encouraging commercial brokers to adopt auctioning as a placement strategy.

He is the author of The RoomMaker®: Your Ability, Talent, or Gift, which will impact the field of business coaching, parenting and entrepreneurship.

Because of his love for public speaking he has led several entrepreneurial workshops and seminars. At the same time, he blogged professionally with YoungEntreprenuer.com, Inc. and Allbusiness.com.

He is an Editor for Brush Burn publishing. He has worked on most of the 21st Century Entrepreneur articles.